[REVIEW] etude house Oh My Eye Lash Black Tint Mascara (2ea)

by - December 13, 2020

 Heyho Guys,

Right now I will write review about ETUDE HOUSE "Oh My Eye Lash Black Tint Mascara".

I already familiar with this mascara before because it's really affordable and everyday-to-go most teenage/early twenties mascara

the packages comes with black on the top cover and then pink for half of the packaging.

it looks quite bulky but fortunately fit right in my pouch.

You can see the back of this products written in Korean. Also you can find the expired date as well as manufactured date behind.

the tip of the mascara is normal like usual mascara  so I think this mascara more weight into volume mascara rather than long and curly mascara type.

As you can see on the pic above, it's quite pigmente and the tip makes our eyelash more cordinated.

Tadaaaa... this is the result of the etude house oh my eye lash black tint mascara.

So as I said before it really helps to put more volume to your eyeslashes. My bare eyelashes was so non existence so this mascara got a good job to show my eyelashes hahaha.

Pros :

- Affordable

- Works really good to put volume on the eyelashes

- Easy to clean it up/ removed

Cons :

- Not smudgeproof 

- Not waterproof

Where to buy????



to get special price 💋💓

also the price on that shop for 2 pcs Mascara ya

See you on my next post babe



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