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Just recently I posted about my Haul on Althea, but if you're figuring how to shop especially for Indonesian citizen,


so here I am ... making a blog post about it

First Log on to : (for Indonesian)
for any other country just type and then select the country

After successfully log in, try to shop your products 

try searching by make up/ skincare category so you can find  products easier

After discovering it, add to cart and proceed to check out and filling the billing address

Note : if your order are below IDR 300.000 you will pay the shipping fee IDR 70.000

If your order are above IDR 300.000 then there is no shipping fee

(better to spend it all and get free shipping hihihi)

But remember you must only order until 6 pieces, and maximum around IDR 1.000.000  to avoid any customs problems 

Also, kindly input your ID (KTP for Indonesian people)  to authorize your  shopping products

Ok, let's go to the next steps..

Choose the payment you've preffered

Mine using bank transfer ,so you will get this kind of notifications

Follow the steps, until it's done

and you will get notifications email that your payments already received.

If you still haven't got the email until 2 days I suggest you to contact them :

After your payment is received by Althea

they will email you, notifying you that your order is in processing

Rest assured and just waited until it's changed to shipped, usually it takes 5 days depends on products stock you've chosed.

If your order already been shipped, you will also got notif email like this

if you want to tracking it you can go to this url :

they usually shipped with rincos

and I dunno why , because usually it takes 2 weeks, but my last order it already arrived within one weeks

I'm shook~~~😍😍😍😍😍

My pretty package safely arrived with nothing broken because Althea always super with their bubble wrap thing, so yeah I'm not afraid if I ordered blush on and eyeshadow

Ok, folks that's all my experience and let's say guide about Althea Shopping

If you still didn't understand feel free  to ask me
and if you didn't really catch my english feel free to change it to your language using google translate bar on my side blog

See you on next post

Yours' Truly


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  1. Waa nice info nih, jadi makin tertarik buat order althe ajuga, mana produk-produknya juga banyak yang bagus-bagus kan althea tuu hehe

  2. duh belum coba nih order althea... gajian ini kali yaaa hihihi... skincare atau makeup ya?

  3. wah jadi tau deh caranya, ternyata ga susah ya

  4. Aku pernah order di althea zaman duluuu sekali waktu blm terlalu hits.. skrg jadi pengen belanja juga..

  5. wah banyak yang unbox althea,,, jadi aku aga penasaran gimana cara belinya soalnya dari luar yah.. makasih infonya...

  6. Thanks kak infonya, aku sempet penasaran althea itu apa karena kan lagi hype banget, ternyata platform buat belanja make up online shipping yaaa, hmmmm jadi pengen cobain

  7. Althea tuh hype banget didunia perbeautyan yah :) Trusted online shipping juga ya, soon blog aku jga review produk althea deh hehehe

  8. Yampuunn lagi hits bgt sih althea ini yaa.. jadi pengen review juga deh iihh -resty

  9. Wah nice info kak, blm pernh order, skrg jadi tau step by step nya

  10. dulu pernah belanja di Althea sebelum produk korea masuk ke Indo, sebelum Althea diblokir karena ada masalah sama bea cukai, harganya jauh murah produknya dibanding yang udah masuk di Store Indo. Sekarang sih belum coba lagi nii

  11. Waahh.. gampang juga ternyata yaa kk.. jadi pengen coba order di Althea juga nih.. 😁

  12. Wah, kebetulan aku memang ingin coba belanja di Althea. Terima kasih ya...

  13. Althea ini suksea bikin aku mupeng banget. Penasaran pengen coba order

  14. Uda lama ga belanja di althea lg. Kyknya dlm waktu dekat mw belanja lagi sih. Thanks for tips!

  15. Althea emang keren. Cara order yg sekarang malah pebih simple dibanding dulu pas Althe pertama buka di Indonesia..

  16. Belum pernah nih order di altheaπŸ˜‚ boleh deh kapan2 dicoba. Thankyou infonya😘

  17. Oh wow semenjak ada althea lagi makin enak mau belanja barang korea ya.. gak takut palsu atau imitasi..

  18. Enaknha belanja di althea harga produknya lebih murah krna belanja lgsg dinegara produsennya ,trus klo mau hemat ongkir sekalian pesennya banyakan aja si

  19. Akak jg suka belanja di althea selain murah emang ccok dikulitku. Trs sekarang belanjanya jg udah ga ribet dan barang dijamin original yakan

  20. Enak banget ya shopping di Althea, dan aku belum pernah. Thanks for info nya ya, begitu juga dengan harganya yg super bersaing gini

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