[REVIEW] MY DAY HAIRCARE ROUTINE - Rapunzel Hair Day & EYECANDY Rainbow Hair Brush

by - December 14, 2018

Hey Beauties,

Wishing you all have a very good day to you

by the way, lemme share my hair care routine for day light because lately I'm feelin my hair looking hella healthy again, I'm so excited to share the story with you babes~

First, I've been tremendously taking care my hair who is almost had straghtening EVERY DAY!

can you imagine it? if my hair is alive , they will be crying nonstop

thankfully I found good product on charis to help me nourish and protecting my hair from the heat



this one is the product name

 Rapunzel Hair Day - Hey Deux Yeoza from 72seconds

I'm so happy because it really had effect on my frizzy hair,

you can purchase it on here, just click on the link:


it's free shipping to your house,, so the price really affordable

Look! it's less frizzy right, and also I mentioned before that , I also straghtening and used curly iron too, so the styling makes it different but glad, my hair didn't break out

The ingredients also have some natural plants extract, so it's really good nourishing hair 😁

Wait, what? did you guys just asked what's the rainbow thing beside rapunzel hair day,???

ok, here's another item to complete your lovely hair goals

EYECANDY Rainbow Hair Brush

Yes, guys it can make your hair more 'lively'
my hair always flat out and makes my face even more rounder, so I've been using EYECANDY Rainbow Hair Brush Volume S -curl for making my hair looks volumizing and better styling.

you can purchase it here , just click the link:


I choose Compact (Black) cause I need to bring it anytime when I need , lol. And it has mirror too, 2 IN 1 is better option for busy person likes me.

You can get it approximately IDR 242.000 and global shipping only IDR 61.000
Very affordable since many korean idols and actresses using it, it's like magic brush (no, I'm not exaggerating it, it really are)

Thanks for keep reading it until the end, that's all my secret hair care routine every day.


See you on next post! 💕💕💕

Yours' Truly


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  1. ak jg pengen coba rapunzel haircare nya T.T


    1. Ga apply kah waktu ada campaign ini beb?
      Aku rencana restock sih mau beli lagi.. 😍


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