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Hi guys,

Back to my short review again

This time I want to share my experience using Secret Key Hyaluron Soft - Micro Peel Toner

How I ended up this toner is lil' bit weird, after using Klairs Supple Preparating Toner which is good, I still want to try different toner , who provides good exfoliating concept . My pick was Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Whitening Toner and this one. Tony Moly one more pricey than Secret Key HSM Toner so I pick this one, haha
Promise will do Tony Moly after I finish this

Ok let's review this toner.

sooo Big! ( ´•á´—•à¸)💦
 This toner has 500ml a.k.a 0,5 L . Sooooo big yaa but be careful ,this toner is made of plastic . Makes sure if you are ordering online tell your seller to prepare the packaging properly. And do not use cutter to unpack your packaging from bubble warp because the plastic kinda thin.

The tube 🎼.•*¨*•.•*¨*•.¸¸ðŸŽ¶
The tube has aluminum foil covered on the top, so if it's broken or didnlt have that kindly returned that products. It's means your products already used.

Whoops 大丈夫😕?
The toner doesn't have any scent or is my nose not sensitive? I already wash my face before using this toner, but look at my cotton. Eewwww, so dirty. Let's take in positive lights, this toner did very good job at exfoliating .my face isn't feel dry even after the exfoliating must be the help of Hyaluronic acid, buuut I feel like it doesn't  give the plump, soft as Klairs Supple Preparating Facial Toner.  But still it's acceptable since Secret Key Toner offerred exfoliating.

A real bare face 🙈
My face feels more refreshed and Fairer (?) Than before.

So I give 4,5/5

I'm satisfied enough with this products!

What about you guys? Which toner did you use?
Share the story in comment if you like

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