How to Shop at CHARIS

Hello All, I've come back from a long hiatus this time I want to tell you about my experience shopping at CHARIS.

 First, what is Charis ?
 Charis is like online shop site yeah like the other websites you know to purchase some products (but charis only sell cosmetics from Korea) so it's like beauty shop.

Here a glimpse of their website:

you can scroll down to see a lot of products from them. So many cutie products with affordable prices.

Then, What's the difference?
yeah, what and where is the difference from any other online shop sites?
Charis also engaged with KOL or Influencers or Beauty Blogger ( or you named itself). They're called CHARIS CELEB. So, if you know charis or shopping charis products from celeb shops usually you get discounts.

Want proof? I show you

so remember if you want to shop at charis, please shop at .. ehem.. My Shop!

Step by Step:

Shall we jump on to main topic? Ok, here are some brief explanation on how to shop at CHARIS 

  1. Search the products you want to buy, click add cart if you want to purchase more products, or buy now if you just want to purchase one product.
  2. Click option if there's any, then proceed to checkout
  3. fill the address and name of the receiver correctly along with zip code
  4. choose the payment method
  5. open your email to know current status (shipping etc)

You need to upload the bank slip if you choose bank transfer payment method

After that about 1-2 working days, there will be confirmation , if 3 days you haven't received the payment please email the charis team.

and your shipping track , find them in your email


enjoy your products :)

If you still have any questions feel free to contact me or dm me at my instagram @fugu28

and, for Inonesian people (I'll write on Indonesian for this) 
Hello yang mau beli shopping di charis, bisa kontak kontak aku, aku buka PO nih biar hemat shippingnyaaa..
lokasi ku di jakarta nanti bisa tanya - tanya ongkir ke daerah kaliannya.

Kirim link products yang mau di shopping nanti cuuussss ku orderin, setelah kalian transfer.


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