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Hallo, its been long time I didn't have time to update my blog

Ok here I come with skincare reviews

This March, The Face Shop Indonesia had launch their skincare set series named YEHWADAM.

From theirs website : YEHWADAM is an anti-aging skincare line inspired by traditional Korean beauty methods found in ancient books and teachings. 

Wow, so it comes from natural ingredients formula. Actually, I'm still in the early twenties, but I think it's a must for woman to take care of their skin to prevent wrinkles and any fine lines. 

I've got the mini set. It came with 4 different products.

The products are including Toner, Emulsion, Serum and Cream. 

Like any other skincare's set, the steps are the same. First, use the toner with beauty-cotton pads , and then use the emultion one, after that serum comes to it. Please wait for a moment until its slightly dry then apply the cream. 

I use it before applying my make up so it does give dewy shiny finnish to my make up. 

This is after I applied all the Yehwadam's product. The lightning's transfer my face to became shiny 😂. But I really like the dewy finnish make ups. 

For a long term use I think my skin gots fairer a bit and my fine lines under my eyes (panda's eyes areas) were decresed and some's lines gone. Quite amused by these products. 

Let's describe it with ups and downs of  Yehwadam :

- the effects of decreasing the fine line are true
- give dewy finnish if you applied it before your make up routines 
- the scents are nice (flowery scents) 


Quite pricey :( 

Ratings : 4,5/5 

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  1. Quite pricey for the full size :D tapi bagus banget Yehwadam ini wangi nya juga enak


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